About DOGE 8 Clarity and DOGE 6 Clarity versions

5月 31, 2015

Many of you asked still ask us if we can supply Doge 8 Clarity or Doge 6 Clarity. These version were done on request of our ex-US dealer, Pacific Valve, who stopped his business in the end 2013.

Since time has past, we just wanted to re-establish the truth about these version. They were 100% similar as stock version, except the fact that Pacific Valve was sending us some UK Clarity Caps PX models and asked us to mount them in our factory. There was not any improved power stage as mentionned on Pacific Valve. Due to a severe competition from Hong-Kong dealer who were selling our Doge 8 without our consent and withtou warranty, Pacific Valve who didn’t face the same cost with U.S labour cost had to increase their price, so they wanted to show they have different version. Today we chose french capacitors SCR who have similar range as Clarity PX caps.

Please do not worry you have lower sound performance buying our Doge 8 without the “Clarity” word printed on front panel.